Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What I Ate Wednesday {28.5.14}


So I recently discovered these banana pancakes.  When I first saw them I thought hmmm, not sure, but I decided to give them a go.  They're gluten free & packed full of protein, which for me, as a vegetarian is a challenge to get into my diet.

2 eggs
Almond milk
Natural Yoghurt
Any fruit - I used blueberries & an apple
To make these yourself you just have to whisk the eggs together with some almond milk, mash the banana, mix together & fry in a pan.  You can't see my pancakes (which is probably a good thing as they kinda looked more like scrambled eggs!) but they are under that fruit somewhere! I topped mine with blueberries, an apple & a sprinkle of cinnamon but a lot of the ones I've seen just use different berries.
They were really yummy.  They're definitely something I'm going to add into my breakfast recipe repertoire, maybe weekends only though as it took me quite a while to make. 


 As you know from my last WIAW post we have an abundance of tomatoes in my house at the moment so I thought today I'd make quick & easy tomato soup (plus, I was pretty full from my breakfast still so thought a light lunch was appropriate.)  It was so simple.  All I did was chop up an onion & all my tomatoes, throw them all in a pan with some tomato puree, pepper & a few chilli flakes, cook for around 8 minutes & blend it all together. 



I had some left over 'soup' from lunch so I decided to make it into a pasta sauce for tea.  I sweated off half an onion, half a yellow bell pepper & added penne pasta, a few handfuls of spinach & the sauce.  I sprinkled over some grated cheddar cheese to finish it off.

I'm reasonably pleased with my food intake today - loads of veggies & fruit at breakfast.  I'd like to find a good pasta alternative though as I tend to eat a lot of it.  Do you have any good, lower carb pasta alternatives you could recommend? 

Hasta Luego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Weekday Morning Hygiene Routine

A few weeks ago I shared with you my everyday make-up routine so I figured I'd share the beauty products I use on a daily basis.
I shower & wash my hair every morning, which, to be honest with you is a pain in the butt!! It's a routine I got into when I was around 16 as I couldn't style my hair unless I'd washed it first & now I feel really dirty all day if I don't wash my hair.  The products I use in the shower for my hair are Alberto Balsam Shampoo & Conditioner.  I really love them! They're super cheap - £1 each but I find them much better than most of the expensive hair products I've used.  The smells are AMAZING. The one I'm currently using is Anti-Oxidant Pomegranate for all hair types.  As soon as I open the bottle the aroma just fills the room & the bathroom smells wonderful afterwards.

After my shower I moisturise my face & body.  I'm not someone who is particular fussy about the creams I use & I'm starting to think that I should be! I also don't use an eye cream which I kinda think I should - what eye creams do you use?  I've been looking at Kiehls Avocado Eye Treatment lately as a few of the YouTubers & Bloggers I'm into use it & really recommend it.  Have you used it? Is it good?
At the moment I'm using Olay Classic Care Double Action Moisturiser Day Cream on my face & I really like it.  It's cheap & cheerful & leaves my skin feeling really moisturised & it isn't sticky at all.  The only negative I would say about it is I do feel I need rather a large amount of it. 
I'm also using Bio-Oil on my face at the moment as I've a scar/blemish around my left eye that I'm trying to minimise.  To be honest, I haven't noticed any difference & I've been using it for over a month now.  I do know a lot of people who rave about it though so I'll keep persevering.

On my legs & arms I'm using Sanctuary Body Lotion which I love.  This particular one was part of a gift set I got at Christmas which got lost at the bottom of my wardrobe somehow??  I love the smell of this stuff & I find it really helps with my dry elbows.

What products do you use everyday? Are you a drugstore girlie or a high end lady?  I love my bargain beauty goodies :)
Hasta Luego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

Monday, 26 May 2014

Mini Greenoid & Me Time

It's half term here in England - i.e the kids broke up from school on Friday for a week.  I LOVE half terms & school holidays! Partly because that means I'm off work as well & I also love not having to get up early for the school run & be constricted to doing things at certain times.  I've never understood mums who say 'Oh my goodness, I can't wait for the kids to be back at school!' Now, I know I've only had one child & I'm sure it's much more stressful when there's 3 or 4 kids at home all week but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE school holidays!!
Something we like to do together is go to the cinema on Saturday morning as our local cinema do what they call Kids AM.  Tickets are only £1.75 each & they show kids films that have been out a while.  I think its a great idea as going to the cinema can be really expensive. Prices for a family of 4 are £29.20 or if you want the fancy, nice seats £37 & that's all before a piece of popcorn has passed your lips! 

This week it was  The Lego Movie which if you haven't seen yet, I highly recommend it.  At the start, I thought I wasn't going to like it but in the end it was fantastic with an awesome little twist at the end!

 I not sure what else we're going to do this week.  We normally go down to London for a few days in the school holidays but, for some reason that I'm not quite sure of, we're not doing this holidays.  Are your kids off this week?  I'd love to hear what plans you have to keep them entertained as the weather doesn't seem to be looking particularly wonderful here in the UK :(  
Hasta Luego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Welcome to the window into my little world

Hiya :) My name is Gemzicle Sprinkles.  Hehe, of course not.  I'm Sara, what's your name?  I live in the UK, in a small market town where I grew up.  I am mummy (or mum now) to a gorgeous 9 year old boy.

This blog is dedicated to...well, LIFE really.  There are so many fashion & beauty blogs, cooking blogs, parenting blogs etc etc but this one is going to be about all the things I love - my life & the people in it.  I love cooking, architecture, organisation, fitness, being around children, travelling, learning new things, interior design... the list is endless. This is MY LIFEstyle blog.

By profession, I am a Childminder, which is something I started quite recently as I wanted to be able to pick my son up from school & be there in the holidays & as a single mum I didn't want to (& couldn't really afford to) rely on expensive childcare.  I am a qualified Primary School Teacher & have also worked in adult education & I've tried my hand at being a fitness instructor as well.  Some may say, I'm a jack of all trades, master of nothing but I like to say I enjoy new experiences & challenging myself to do something different!! :)

I became a 'YouTuber' at the beginning of the year and this has opened my eyes to the world of blogging.  The original plan was to vlog (video blogging to any of you who don't know) but this just seems like too much effort right now. 

I've started a YouTube channel dedicated to my love of computer games - specifically Minecraft at the moment.  I'm LOVIN it so much.  If gaming is something you're interested in - go check it out.

I look forward to getting to know you all so please post comments on my blog - what you like, don't like, tell me about yourself...

Hasta Luego Sparkly1s

Gemmy Sprinkles

Shape Up For Summer Progress {23.5.14}

So I'm one week in to my Shaping Up For Summer.  I've not weighed or measured myself yet but as a whole I fell really good about how the last week has gone.  I posted my What I Ate Wednesday on Wednesday (obviously!!) & that's the kind of food that I've been eating all week so I'm quite happy that my diet has been good.  I did slip up on Thursday & ordered a Dominos pizza.  I didn't even want it but Mini Greenoid wanted one.
The exercise part I've found difficult this week.  I got off to a good start on Monday by getting up at 6:15am, slipping on my dusty running shoes & pounding the pavement for 20mins.  It actually felt really good & although I couldn't run for the whole of the 20 mins it was a good feeling just getting moving.  But Tuesday, I didn't wake up in time for the run, so I kinda stopped it for the whole week, which was silly really!  I find that if I don't exercise first thing in the morning I don't do it at all. 
I did find an awesome You Tube channel with some great little workouts though called Blogilates.  The instructor is Cassey Ho & she also has a blog which I've yet to check out but if it's like her videos I'm sure I'll love it!  Go ahead & check it out & let me know what you think?  I particularly liked her Ab Workout playlist & I tried this video a few times.  Phew!!! It was hard work!!! But, less than 10 minutes long.

So, the numbers for this week are

Weight - 166lbs   {-2lbs}
Waist - 37inches {+1inch}
Hips - 43inches {same}
Bust - 35inches {-0.5inch}
I tend to not pay that much attention to numbers in all honesty.  For me, it's about feeling good & healthy & happy with my body. 
Hopefully, next week I can try & be much more consistent with my exercise as if I want to lose the weight it's gonna have to be done!
Don't forget to tweet me any pics or useful hints & advice using  #Sparkly1WeightLoss & I will see you guys next week when hopefully I've been exercising more!
Hasta Llego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What I Ate Wednesday {21.5.14}

As you know I'm trying to shape up for summer and eating healthily is obviously part of what I'm trying to do. I thought I'd share with you what I'm eating each Wednesday - partly to try and keep myself on track and maybe to give you some ideas for healthy choices.


I used to just eat toast with butter for breakfast & I changed to this breakfast a few weeks ago after seeing Anna Saccones blog about her breakfast. I have 3 tablespoons of Onken Natural Yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of oats mixed in. I then top it off with fruit - today I had some blueberries, a few strawberries & half an apple, with cinnamon sprinkled over the top. I also had a large glass of water.



Lunch was 2 slices of whole meal toast topped with mashed avocado, 4 tomatoes & a tiny bit of cheddar cheese all finished off under the grill. I put a few slices of cucumber & pepper on the side to up my veg intake & also a peach.  This lunch has become a regular staple for me recently & I really like it. In the past I would have something like cheese on white toast for lunch so I've tried adapting what I was already having to make it more healthy.  
My brother in law brought me a huge box of tomatoes last night and I've got to say, I've always hated raw tomatoes but I'm making a conscious effort to eat more of them & I've got to admit they're growing on me!



For tea I had a 2 egg omelette (I add a splash of almond milk & whisk it together) with lots of fresh spinach, peas & a little cheddar cheese.  I also added some chilli flakes for a bit of heat!
I hope you enjoyed my first WIAW! What did you eat today? I think that taking photos of what I'm eating definitely makes me eat healthier & makes me more aware of what I'm eating. 
 Hasta Llego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

Monday, 19 May 2014

Finally BBQ weather!!

This weekend was finally hot enough here in the UK for the first BBQ of the year!  For anyone who isn't from the UK we all tend to get rather excited when the sun finally shines & we can have a BBQ for the first time, I don't know why, it's just what we do.

My BBQ was a kind of last minute idea as you can tell by the photo.  It was actually really nice.  Me & Mini Greenoid sat round the BBQ on the floor & helped ourselves to stuff off the BBQ.

This disposable one was stashed at the back of the garage & I fished it out late Saturday afternoon.  BBQs are an odd thing in my house as I'm a vegetarian but I still love a veggie kebab, corn on the cob & a potato salad! I also had some marshmallows I'd bought for a party (oops I'll have to buy some more) that we toasted up yum yum!!!

Did you have a BBQ this weekend?  What's your favourite food on the BBQ?  I love my barbeque marinade - I marinade my veggies in for my kebabs & also meat for others.  Have you got a favourite marinade you use on the BBQ?  I'd love you to share it with me if you have.

Hasta Llego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shape Up For Summer

If you've seen my All About Me post you'll know that I used to be a gym instructor.  I used to teach Spin, Aerobics, Body Conditioning everyday.  I was pretty fit & weighed around 120lbs.  I left that job around 3years ago & since then the weight has been piling on.  It's not rocket science - I used to do intense cardio & weight training 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. I stopped & didn't do anything.  It's no wonder the weight piled on!  I've just stepped on the scales & am horrified to see it's crept up to 168lbs! The heaviest I've ever been!!
I'm determined to do something about it.  Like a lot of women, I struggle to find time to work out.  I'm a single mum who works full time, has a Minecraft YouTube channel & creates a Blog.  I'm definitely going to dedicate 20 minutes a day for fitness whether that's going for a walk/run, sticking an exercise DVD on, watching a YouTube workout or simply dancing around to my fav music.  What are your favourite ways to work out? 
Weight - 168lbs
Waist -  36inches
Hips - 43inches
Bust - 35.5inches
Those numbers are scary to me & I don't like it!  Wish me luck with my first week & make sure you check back next week to see my progress.  If any of you are on  weight loss journey at the moment I'd love to hear about it, you can comment below or you can Tweet me any pics using #Sparkly1WeightLoss.  It would be fantastic if we could support each other through this & provide each other with any tips, inspiration or words of encouragement.
  Hasta Llego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles