Sunday, 25 May 2014

Shape Up For Summer Progress {23.5.14}

So I'm one week in to my Shaping Up For Summer.  I've not weighed or measured myself yet but as a whole I fell really good about how the last week has gone.  I posted my What I Ate Wednesday on Wednesday (obviously!!) & that's the kind of food that I've been eating all week so I'm quite happy that my diet has been good.  I did slip up on Thursday & ordered a Dominos pizza.  I didn't even want it but Mini Greenoid wanted one.
The exercise part I've found difficult this week.  I got off to a good start on Monday by getting up at 6:15am, slipping on my dusty running shoes & pounding the pavement for 20mins.  It actually felt really good & although I couldn't run for the whole of the 20 mins it was a good feeling just getting moving.  But Tuesday, I didn't wake up in time for the run, so I kinda stopped it for the whole week, which was silly really!  I find that if I don't exercise first thing in the morning I don't do it at all. 
I did find an awesome You Tube channel with some great little workouts though called Blogilates.  The instructor is Cassey Ho & she also has a blog which I've yet to check out but if it's like her videos I'm sure I'll love it!  Go ahead & check it out & let me know what you think?  I particularly liked her Ab Workout playlist & I tried this video a few times.  Phew!!! It was hard work!!! But, less than 10 minutes long.

So, the numbers for this week are

Weight - 166lbs   {-2lbs}
Waist - 37inches {+1inch}
Hips - 43inches {same}
Bust - 35inches {-0.5inch}
I tend to not pay that much attention to numbers in all honesty.  For me, it's about feeling good & healthy & happy with my body. 
Hopefully, next week I can try & be much more consistent with my exercise as if I want to lose the weight it's gonna have to be done!
Don't forget to tweet me any pics or useful hints & advice using  #Sparkly1WeightLoss & I will see you guys next week when hopefully I've been exercising more!
Hasta Llego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

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