Monday, 2 June 2014

Adoption Party

This weekend my sister & brother in law came to stay for a few days.  After a long & difficult journey to try & adopt a child, they were finally matched & the adoption of little Alicia was finalised a few weeks ago.

I'm always up for a party & this was a wonderful chance to have one!  Parties take so much organising but it was all worth it in the end. I got some personalised things & lots of pink from Party Delights.  Having had a boy it was good fun shopping for a 2 year old girls party! 
The weather here has been awful all week but on Saturday the sun shone & it was a beautiful day (which was a good job as we had a bouncy castle for me to act like a big kid & jump around on the kids)




I'm so pleased for my sister & her husband I'd like to wish them all the happiness & joy for the future.  Parenthood is the hardest job anyone can ever do but the rewards are indescribable.
I've got a ton more photos so I might make another post later in the week.  Do you like organising parties?  What are your top tips for a less stressful day?

Hasta Luego Sparkly1s
Gemmy Sprinkles

If you're thinking about adoption or are an adoptive family there's a lot of help & advice HERE

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