Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Awesome Bloggers | July

Hola Sparkly1s

I really feel like I found my way with blogging in June.  It was only my second month into this whole blogging malarkey.  I also found lots and lots of wonderful new blogs.  It was a hard task whittling it down to 5 to feature in my Awesome Blogs post but here goes.

I love Carries blog.  It's so clean and bright to look at that it instantly calms me.  She is a beauty / lifestyle blogger with some baking thrown in for good measure.  I particularly love her picture posts which are full of wonderfully vibrant photos of her life.  A new feature are her 'Bits & Pieces' posts which I am soo in love with.

Lyndsay Fizzy Peaches seems just like the kinda girl I want to sit down n share a cocktail with.  I love the variety in her posts.  She writes about her life and what she gets up to, which, if you're like me, you'll love nosing in on.  Her blogging tips are great and I feel are really helping me with my blog, so thanks Lyndsay.

Kirsties blog just makes me smile.  Simple as.  I love the name. I love the look.  I love everything.  If you go onto her About Me page she describes herself as 'a 23, natural blonde, a tea drinker, biscuit eater, make-up hoarder, obsessive shopper, festival lover, movie nerd & bookworm.'  She's also just ventured into the scary YouTube world and posted her first YouTube video.

This blog is different from ones I usually love.  It's definitely more about the writing.  (I love photography and so tend to enjoy more photograph heavy blogs).  She's more of a lifestyle blogger with some bits of beauty and fashion thrown in here and there.  Her recent social media post was really thought provoking and I'm discovering I quite like that in a blog.
I'm sure Louise needs no real introduction to most people out in blogosphere.  She is just fabulous!  I love her blog in general and adore her chatty, bubbly personality but this month it has been extra special.  She has blogged about her trip to Seattle to see a best friend she has made through blogging, yet never met.  It's just a really heart-warming, inspiring, emotional story that shows how truly amazing this blogging malarkey is. 
I hope you've enjoyed this months Awesome Bloggers and it's maybe introduced you to some new lovely ladies and their blogs - make sure you go ahead and click those clicky links.

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  1. Aww thank you for the lovely mention! If you come to Brighton one day we will have that cocktail! ;)

    Lyndsay xx


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