Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Monthly Achievements - May 2014

Daisies on my uncut back garden lawn - perfect for daisy chain making!

Can you believe May is over already? It'll be the summer holidays before we can even blink! I've had a lovely month.  It's been so good to finally get a bit of warm weather & get out in the garden or to the park with the kids.  I was browsing through some blogs & found Every Day In Grace which is a lovely little blog & I found her Monthly Accomplishments posts which I thought was a great idea so I've decided to steal it (thanks Grace!) 

My biggest achievement this month is starting this blog. I'm so pleased I've finally taken the time to do this. I've always loved taking photos & keeping scrap books/memory moment books & now I'm finally doing what I class as the modern equivalent. I'm still sketchy on my schedule & the layout & there's still loads of the techy side that I don't understand but I'm throwing myself head first into this new hobby & I'm lovin it.

Commiting to eating heathy. I decided to do a What I Ate Wednesday on my blog as I know it will keep me on track to eat more healthily. I'm a girl who loves all things carb - pasta, potato, bread mmmm I could live of the stuff & kinda had been doing. It's been a challenge & I've had a few hiccups along the way but I'm determined to change my eating habits rather than go on a diet. 

Throwing an awesome Adoption Party for my new little niece. The day was a massive success all round & everyone had a wonderful time. The weather was sunny so we could be outside & the kids all had a great time. 

Growing my Minecraft YouTube channel. I'm one of those girls who kinda loves everything.  I love make up, hair products, beauty things. But, I also love video games, sports, action movies. I got into blogging through making my YouTube channel & I'm really enjoying creating content. I have 38 subscribers at the moment & that makes me happy. 
What have you achieved this month? I'd love to hear about any achievements however big or small down in the comments.

Hasta Luego Sparkly1s
Gemzicle Sprinkles


  1. It's the biggest achievement to start a blog, so CONGRATS! I'm loving all your lovely pictures and your new What I ate Wednesday posts. It's such a great idea! :)

    You should get Bloglovin so we can follow each other and keep in touch! It'll be fun to read each other's monthly accomplishments :)

    (If you don't know what Bloglovin is, you can check out my profile :)

    Love, Grace

  2. I've got bloglovin now http://www.bloglovin.com/gemziclesprinkles and i'm following you. Thanks for your lovely comments :) xoxo


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