Saturday, 7 June 2014

Shape Up For Summer Progress {6.6.14}

Naughty me missed last weeks SUFS. I had guests for a long weekend & an adoption party to host so, as I'm sure you'll agree, real life comes before internet life.

On the plus side, I have 2 weeks to update you on. I feel indifferent towards the last 2 weeks to be honest. One week was school holidays so I was off work which meant I was out of my routine which always throws me sideways.  We get up later, eat later, socialise more...  I definitely feel good about my eating. As I've said in my What I Ate Wednesday, I don't want this to be about being on a diet, I want to change my outlook on food. I've eaten some sweets here and there and an odd packet of crisps but that's ok. I do struggle with telling myself that it's ok though and that's something I'm working on. 

On the exercise front all I can say is I've. been. hula. hooping. I'm amazed.  Completely amazed! I bought this hula hoop from Amazon and I was quite sceptical (I remember my childhood of trying to hula & never being able to) but I've got to say I'm amazed at how easy I've found it. That's not to say the first time I tried it didn't just immediately fall to the floor, despite me wiggling my hips like I was having some sort of fit.  I have what I affectionately name war wounds, otherwise known on bruises on my belly.  I've been doing 20 minutes a day for past 4 days and I definitely feel the benefits.  

I am proud to say, after not that much effort, on Thursday I did 10 minutes 39 seconds non stop hooping.  That's 10 minutes 39 seconds hooping!! Wowsers.  It amazes me that it stays up but somehow I manage to do it.  I can only go clockwise at the moment.  I've tried anti-clockwise but it deflates me as I can only do 1 turn.  That's my project for next week - learn how to hula anti-clockwise.
  Weight - 165lbs   {-1lbs}
Waist - 36inches {-1inch}
Hips - 42.75inches {-0.25inch}
Bust - 35inches {same}
I'm disappointed with the numbers to be honest.  I do feel like since I've started hooping I'm becoming more 'sucked in' for want of a better phrase.
Don't forget to tweet me any pics or useful hints & advice using  #Sparkly1WeightLoss & I will see you guys next week when hopefully I can hoop anti-clockwise.
Hasta Luego Sparkly1s
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  1. Aww sounds like you are doing a really great job, don't be disheartened! I am also on a health-kick at the moment and am following Weight Watchers, so I'll keep an eye out for your tips and tricks on Twitter, that'll be handy!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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