Thursday, 19 June 2014

Throwback Thursday | Sisters Graduation

Hola Sparkly1s

One of my favourite photos of my Dad and Mini Greenoid
Thursday only means one thing here on Gemzicle Sprinkles... #Throwback Thursday. I say it every week but I love looking through old photos.
This weeks #TBT is more recent, just over 3 years ago.  
My younger sister Lara got the super brains in the family and went to Oxford University.  I didn't know this but, apparently, you can choose when to graduate? Have you been to uni? Could choose when you graduate? When I went to uni I just graduated as soon as I finished my course but she delayed hers as she wanted Mini Greenoid to attend.  When we found out my Dad was sick she booked her graduation as quick as possible so our Dad could attend.

I don't know if you've ever been to a graduation ceremony but they're not the most exciting of things but this one, jeez, this one took the biscuit! It was in Latin! Yeap. Latin. Hours and hours of someone speaking something about something I couldn't understand.

It was a fun day overall though.  We watched the ceremony, then went to the celebration lunch.

Link your #TBT in the comments. I love seeing them.

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