Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What I Ate Wednesday | Too Many Avocados?

Hola Sparkly1s

Welcome to another WIAW.

 I've been reading Blogilates a lot the last few days and that inspired me to look into the amount of carbs in fruit.  As you may know, I'm trying to decrease my carb intake (as a pizza, pasta loving vegetarian this has been no mean feat) and I was surprised to read about some peoples views on fruit.  Now, I'm not saying I quitting fruit.  I love fruit!  But I am going to try and eat more veggies instead of fruit.  Maybe, celery and carrot sticks instead of an apple?  I dunno if that's the right thing to do (I'm gonna do some more reading into it) but I'm gonna give it a go and see how I feel.


I have to say it felt slightly strange eating this for breakfast. It was 1 whole egg, 1 egg white and a splash of almond milk made into an omelette. It was filled with spinach, sweetcorn and peas, topped with a sprinkling of chilli flakes (I've a little of an obsession with chilli flakes at the moment - they go on everything!)
As I have my breakfast at about 9:30am this wasn't as bad as if I eat it earlier but it was still strange.


Lunch was this fabulous (or as they call it amazing, which I kinda think is a bit too presumptuous of Marks and Spencer) Amazing Avocado & Feta with mint & crème fraiche dressing.  It was super yummy, but it was only after I'd eaten it I thought 'hmmm, bet that had a lot of calories / fat etc' so I checked the label.  it did.  But it was all goodness - quinoa, rocket, avocado, feta, broad beans... I also only used a bit of the sauce so I reckon I saved myself a few there and I only managed three quarters of it as it was quite filling.

As a vegetarian, I've been looking into how I can get more protein into my diet and I've read that quinoa is a great option, which is kinda why I chose it.  Is that true?



I love a wrap, or tortillas or enchiladas but normally I'd have around 3 white wraps with veg in.  As I'm cutting down on carbs I decided to have 1 wrap and cram it full of veg.  It was only afterwards I realised it was another avocado and cheese 'thing' like my lunch was.  Is 2 avocados in one day too many?  Ahh well, it was a one off.  They are fast becoming my new favourite food though after years of hating them! 
I filled my wholemeal wrap with
1 avocado
a few different varieties of tomatoes chopped
quarter of a red bell pepper
few slices of red onion
small amount of mature cheddar cheese
I folded it in half and placed it under the grill for a few minutes to slightly melt the cheese inside and give it a nice bite.  Even if I do say so myself, it was bloody wonderful! 

I hope you enjoyed this WIAW. I don't know how I feel about cutting back on fruit after a whole day of not eating it. What's your opinion on it? Have you tried it?

Are you a vegetarian?  How do you make sure you get enough protein in your diet?


  1. I wrote about the same thing on my WIAW! haha! I've eaten an avocado pretty much with every meal for the last two days now. Can't help it! They are so good! We aren't going to turn green are we?! :)

    1. Haha Hulk comin through! :) I keep thinkin 'stop eatin so many avocados' then at meal times I just find myself reaching for 1

  2. Quinoa is definitely a great way to get protein! If your looking into cutting down carbs you'll definitely want to look into what fruits your eating cause they surprisingly have a lot of carbs in them, mostly sugar. But don't cut out carbs too much. Our bodies need carbs to keep us going.

  3. I love avocados - I bought 6 for £1 (I know!) the other day so I need to get through them before they brown - think I'll be doing something like yourself and cramming them in to one day ;)

    I follow a pretty low carb diet myself, so making sure I'm getting enough fat and protein is key - avos are great for the fat part. Eggs are also something I can't get enough of, and pretty much anything with the word 'coconut' in it ;)

    1. 6 for £1?? I'm payin about £1.50 for 2! Where u getting urs from?
      Im feelin ya on the egg thing! I eat loads of them too

  4. You can never eat too many avocardos! I love them and your breakfast and tea look so nice. I love food like this. I would have loved that M+S salad but I probably would have left it bc of the calories. I'm a geek like that =)

    Corinne x

  5. As a fellow vegetarian, I loved this post! I tried that M&S salad a few weeks ago and had the same 'oh no' moment with regards to the fat content! I also couldn't get past the ridiculous abundance of mint leaves haha!! For protein, I incorporate quorn products very occasionally but stick to the grains and pulses usually!

    Jodie x


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