Friday, 12 September 2014

High 5 4 Friday

So it's Friday morning, 6:00am to be precise and it's still dark outside and that kinda makes me sad.  In true British fashion, every time I see someone lately the topic of conversation has been about how Autumn is well and truly here and the cold, dark nights are drawing in. I'm not sure I mind the dark nights so much as the cold, dark mornings. Who on earth wants to get out of their cosy, warm duvet in the dark to be greeted by freezing temperatures - I know I don't!

It is Friday though so let's look back on a few things that have made me happy this week.

1. Running. Oddly as I'm lying in bed writing this I should be out running but something in me just couldn't motivate myself this morning. But in general this week I've really enjoyed running and generally being more active. I'm trying to run every other day, I'm not quite managing it but that's ok. I've ran sporadically throughout my adult life and the reason it's been sporadic is because I've been too hard on myself if I missed a run, I felt awful, gave up for a few months, then started again, missed a run, felt awful, gave up for a few months.... You know how it goes from here.

There's something really great about running that you can do it anytime, anywhere, all you need are your trainers. I find it really helps clear my mind too. I don't listen to music. I just run. Sometimes I listen to Spanish as learning Spanish is something else I've done sporadically throughout adulthood. I'm clearly a sporadic kind of person.

2. Getting back to work. As I've mentioned before this is my first week back in work after the 7 weeks summer holidays and wow it's been hard! It's funny how your body just gets completely used to being lazy. But I've so enjoyed it. It was lovely seeing the kids I hadn't seen in those 7 weeks and just getting back into some sort of routine.

3. Pulling up my carrots. I try and grow a bit of my own veg. I'm so gardening whiz by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy growing a few things each year.  This year was the first year I've tried carrots. I've no idea if this week was the right time to pull them up but I just felt like doing so, so I did.  They were knobbly and odd shapes and sizes but it's so satisfying knowing I grew them.

4. Playing The Sims 4. As well as beauty and fashion and all things typically girlie, I also love gaming. I hadn't played The Sims for years and years but when 4 came out I knew I had to get it. I'm loving it so far. Check out my lets play series on YouTube.

5. Sitting in bed reading. I'm not a huge reader. Its not something I'm proud of it's just a fact. When I go on holiday I love sitting by the pool or on the beach with a good book but when I get home I just don't find the time to read. I ordered #Girlboss to take on holiday with me but I forgot it and it's a book I really want to read so this week I started it. I prop myself up in bed with loads of cushions around me, snuggle under the duvet and read. It's been really amazing just to shut off from technology for a short time.


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  1. I try to go running every other day, too, but this week was kind of a fail. My knees started to hurt early this week so I took the rest of the week off for fear of actually injuring myself. You're right though--there's just something about running that fixes everything in my mind. I do listen to music, but not amped up pop music--I listen to softer music that makes me think (and often helps for inspiration for whatever writing i have going on that day).

  2. I love running, but we have had the opposite problem of yours here. It's been record high temperatures. We even hit 101 on Wednesday. Today there is a cold front though so I am super excited! I used to love to play the Sims, and Sims4 looks amazing! I might have to give it a try. :)

  3. I am not a runner... but good for you! I'm a HUGE walker though! I bought a Fitbit a while ago and try to get a lot of steps all day :) It's a great way to clear my head or even just talk on the phone while I walk! I love it!


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