Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What I Ate Wednesday | Inspiration For New Eats

Hey Sparkly1s.  I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday.  Wednesday only means one thing around here and that's WIAW.

I've mentioned before about being stuck in a rut with my food but over the past few weeks I've come to realise that it's not so much being stuck in a rut, it's about not being organised enough.  I love cooking programmes, have a zillion and one recipe books and am forever reading foodie blogs for new recipes. My problem is I don't store that information.  If I see a tasty looking recipe I just think 'Mmmm that looks tasty' and move on.  What I need to start doing is writing/printing out / bookmarking the recipe and actually cooking it. 

My goal over the coming weeks is to try one new recipe a week.

To do this I'll need to
1) find a tasty recipe (easy! I think I have about 5 open in other tabs right now)
2) write a list of the shopping I need to do for said recipe
3) actually go buy the goodies
4) cook

Now that might sound simple for a lot of you but for me it's just not what I do.  I have a repertoire of X number of dishes that I just cook over and over again.  I need inspiring!!


You'll notice a blank space where breakfast should be.  That's because OMG this morning was just a crazy amount a busyness and lateness and 'food is the last thing I can think of' type of morning.  Hey ho, onwards and upwards.  Let's hope the rest of the day calms down so I can actually have something to eat on this WIAW!!

Mid Morning Snack

Yeay for food!  Finally managed to get something to eat around 10.  When looking after kids is your job sometimes you don't get to eat at regular times. 
I've been craving fruit other than oranges and apples which is all I seem to have had in my fruit bowl for a while now and oooo this pineapple was tasty! 

I've never eaten coconut in chunks like this before and I'm not really sure what I think of it.  You know one of those foods where you have to keep eating it to see if you like it, but can never really decide.  I didn't really know if it was a healthy snack option or not and when I looked at the packaging I was surprised to see 36g of fat, 31g saturates in 100g! I decided to look into the health benefits of coconut flesh a bit more and found this article about the benefits of coconut flesh.  I dunno??


Lunch was delicious.  I'm a sucker for hummus but I haven't had it for ages.  I bought a pack of 3 mini pots last time I was shopping and decided to have the jalapeno pepper flavoured hummus today.  If there's one thing I love more than hummus, it's flavoured hummus.  I think roasted pepper hummus is my all time fav.

I ate it with these multigrain cakes which were sooo tasty and cucumber & carrot sticks.


My tea looks more like something I'd usually have for lunch and I'm not really sure why I had it for tea today but it was delicious all the same.  It's a recipe that I first found from the lovely Linda over at I Am Linderella.  I was so weary of this idea at first but it really works.  I used my usual quinoa and amaranth toast topped with a mashed banana & 2 boiled eggs. (I don't like yolks so that's why it's only the white, in case you were wondering)

I also had a strawberry yoghurt topped with a handful of blueberries.

Where do you get your inspiration for new recipes from?

Do you eat coconut flesh? Do you think it's a good addition to your diet? How do you include it in your diet? 

Do you like flavoured hummus? 


  1. Omg I've never eaten coconut like that!! I eat lots of coconut oil and milk.

    1. I've never used coconut oil in cooking, ill have to try it :)

  2. Hmmm Im a little bit biased but I think you should check out my recipe for French Toast Roll ups (link below). They are the perfect breakfast and can be made ahead of time!

    1. O wow they look amazing. I love French toast (or eggy bread as I call it) and that recipe looks yum! Thanks for sharing. Your pumpkin apple pie French toast looks am-maz-ing too! Link for anyone who wants it -


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