Monday, 27 October 2014

What's On My Nails #2

In my quest to sort out my nail polishes I'm trying every single one to see if it's a colour I still like or if it's gone all gunky and whether it can stay in my polish collection or move on to a better home. I started this a week ago and have decided to keep the polish I had on last week.

This weeks polish is a beautiful classic red from Rimmel in shade Ready, Aim, Paint.  Oh. My. Goodness. I literally adore this.  I'd forgotten two things 1. How much I love a classic red polish and 2. How fantastic Rimmel 60 second polish is.  I picked this out last night to paint my nails and it was quite late.  Now, I don't know if this is just me but you know when you paint your nails in the evening and think they're dry so you totter off to bed. Then in the morning, disaster happens and you wake up with what I call 'pillow nails.'  ie. you've got the pattern of your pillow embedded in your nails because you've put your hand under or on your pillow whilst you're asleep.  This has happened to me on more occasions than I care to mention and man, it's annoying. 
I was so surprised by how quick this dries and I mean dries completely, not just that top layer dryness that can still be dented and ruined, but real, rock, hard dryness that ain't budging.  It claims 60 seconds, now I'm not sure it was quite that quick but it wasn't far off.  I applied two coats, but honestly I could have got away with one as the formula is really opaque.  Oh and I haven't mentioned the brush.  The brush is a flat, which I love in a polish as I think it's much easier to apply.

I don't know how long it will last without chipping as I only applied it last night but I think this is definitely one which will be staying in my collection.  The only problem is I now want to go and more Rimmel nail polish...

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