Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Weekly Vlog #2

This week I kinda epically failed at vlogging.  It's just so hard trying to remember to whip out my camera when good things happen.  I think it just takes time to get in to the habit of doing it. 

It was a week of back to work after a few days off which is always a bit of a bummer.  At the beginning of the week Mini Greenoid and I had two evenings where we went baking mad, making scones, a chocolate cake and what Greenoid describes as Green Spaghetti Pancakes (yeah my thoughts exactly!)

There seems to have been fireworks going off every night this week which has been great as I live opposite a field so I can look out at them all.  We went to a firework display down the road on Wednesday night which was cold but fun.  Talking of the weather, there's been a definite drop in temperature round these parts in the latter half of the week so I'm going to use that as an excuse to buy some new winter woollies I think...

I hope you enjoy this weeks vlog and if you have a vlogging channel I'd love to check it out so please leave it in the comments.


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