Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Juicing Is Hard Work!

As it's the start of a new year and being healthy is definitely on the top of my list right now, I decided to dust off my juicer and get some nutrients into this body of mine. 

I shared the Super Healthy Breakfast Juice last week and I hope some of you have been using the recipe. 

I decided to do a little detox for a few days by having juices and smoothies for breakfast, tea and any 'snacks' and eating a healthy lunch. But,  I've got to be honest, juicing is hard work! You've really got to be committed if you're going to do it.  Here's why:

1. Juicers are a pain in the ass to clean.  Like seriously, I hate washing up at the best of times but for some juices I was required to clean the 8 parts of my juicer and then to add a banana or avocado I'd have to stick it in the blender. Thank heaven for my Breville Blend-Active!

2. You've got to be really organised with buying in your fruit and veg for the week.

3. Storing all that fruit and veg takes up a lot of space. I had to resort to a huge box in the garage as my fridge just wasn't big enough.

4. To get the full benefits of juicing you have to drink the juice right away.  Yup, that means no juicing the night before to allow yourself that extra 5 minutes in bed in the mornings.
I was expecting to be really hungry but, honestly, I wasn't at all. I've really enjoyed being healthy after a very overindulgent few weeks.  I didn't follow any particular juicing plans or diet I just found juices that I thought sounded tasty and that gave me a wide variety of nutrients.

Some of the juices I've been making over the past few days have been the super healthy breakfast juice, the Mean Green, which is quite similar but with the addition of kale, the Heart Beet which, as the name suggests, helps to prevent heart related health problems and the deliciously simple Hot N Spicy.

I've had my juicer for a long time now and I've been considering investing in a Nutribullet so if you have experience of using one I'd love to hear your thoughts on it below.

I work from home so I was able to make my juices at convenient times and then spend 10 minutes washing the damn juicer! I don't know how easy it would be if you have to go out to work. If you have any tips for others leave them in the comments below.

Thanks to Peas & Crayons for the link up.


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